Tired Of All The Clutter? Make Your Own Organizers!

5. Jars:

Small things tend to be more difficult to organize. They can be everywhere so you’ll need them to be in one place so it would be easier for you to find them if you need them. Jars, which come in different sizes and colors can be a big help in doing this job for you. You can put you lipsticks, hairpins, cue tips, cotton balls, and even make up brushes in it depending on how big or small your jats are. Of course, you don’t just organize these stuff just to keep them away from your site, you organize them for it to look pretty and neat at the same time. So, go ahead and collect those old jars from your kitchen, then explore the creativity in you and start putting labels on it in so many artistic ways.

There’s actually so many ways on how to organize everything. It is not that hard to clear the room, what’s hard is how to keep the room organized, yes? I know the struggles but all we need to have is time to put clear everything up and discipline to keep everything in place. Once you achieve that, you don’t need to re-organize every month!