Cheap Summer Fun

Ahhh. Summer! There is no doubt that this is the most anticipated season of the year! Summer equates to no homework, quizzes, and school projects plus longer playing and sleeping time for the kids! If you are short on cash and won’t be able to take the hood to the beach, do not worry! We have prepared a couple of cheap but super fun activities that the whole family can enjoy!

1. Giant Bubbles.

You have to admit it. Bubbles give a feel that makes adults giddy too, and that’s just from a small bottle creating tiny little ones. Imagine having huge bubbles floating around your yard! Double the fun! The kids would surely go crazy over this activity and it does not even cost much. All the materials are just found at home! Head over to Happy Hooligans for a tutorial on homemade giant bubbles!

2. Cardboard Castle.

Bring your kids back in time to the medieval era and create a majestic castle out of cardboard boxes! Gather large old boxes that you might have sitting in your basement, some colored markers, a pair of scissors and colorful tapes. Be sure to supervise the children while they build the castle. Handle all the cutting to avoid any injury as cardboard boxes may be thick and difficult for the children to cut. Be inspired by this creation at Built By Kids.