Tired Of All The Clutter? Make Your Own Organizers!

We all want to have an organized and well kept place we we can rest from a tired day at work and wake up in a bright, clutter-free room. Admit it, waking up in a messy place affects your mood especially if you are also be facing a lot of stressors the whole day. Studies shows that the clutter you experience and see every day can affect how your brain perform and dealing with unorganized stuff at home can make you feel really exhausted. I definitely feel you when you go home and see how messy the whole place is. So here’s a few tricks to help you de-clutter your space to help you have a clear mind. Read on and start organizing your life.

1. Shower curtain hooks


You can use shower curtain hooks to properly store your bags. Just attach the hook on a hanging rod and you’re all set. You can also use it to organize your scarves, baseball hats or belts and even your jeans and shorts.