Beyond Fear: Ranking the Most Frightening Animals on Earth (Number One Will Haunt Your Dreams!)

People love animals, but not all of them are friendly. There are those who will fatally attack you the second they see you. That’s why it pays to know which species are most likely to kill you so you can be ready when you came across one at the wild, at the city, or worst, at your home.

Here are the list of creatures and the number of humans they kill each year.

(You won’t believe what’s number one!)

21. Alligators: One per year


Alligators are native in the United States and China. They live in freshwater environments, like ponds, marshes, wetlands, rivers, lakes and swamps.

Mostly, large male alligators are territorial in nature while the smaller ones are with a group.

They have a heavy body, but they are capable of short burst of speed during an attack. Their main prey is smaller animals which they can eat in a single bite. They also go for larger prey, but they drown it first at the water.

On average, they kill about one human every year.

20. Sharks: Five per year


Sharks are found in all seas in the world, mostly at 2,000 metres, or 6,600 feet, deep underwater. Most of them are carnivorous.

But only few of them are actually dangerous to humans. Of the more than 470 species of sharks, only four have been involved in fatal attacks against humans – great white, oceanic whitetip, tiger and bull sharks.

They kill about five humans every year.

19. Wolves: 10 per year


Wolves, by nature, are highly territorial animals. Humans are actually not part of their natural prey, though, they may react aggressively in the presence of humans.

Predatory wolf attacks occur any time of the year, but its peak period is in the months of June and August. Majority of its victims are children. 

Wolves kill about 10 people annually.