8 DIY Recycled Planters

Let’s all agree. Although summer is the most looked forward season in the year, there is no negating the fact that spring is the most beautiful time of all. Spring time brings a lot of positive vibes. Plants thrive and is greenest during this time of the year. Flowers bloom their brightest colors. Butterflies and bees flutter all around hopping from one flower to another, collective the sweetest nectar they can get. The garden is suddenly alive with activities—that is, if you have one. If not, it’s probably time to start one! Now, don’t stress about having to buy ceramic or plastic planters. That can cost you pretty much. Make your garden or your indoors one of a kind. Look around the house for unwanted things that can be used as whimsical planters! Here are a few of odd but cute plant containers to inspire your inner green thumb!

1. Old Shoes

Now don’t just throw those old pair of boots or sneakers yet. They might have reached the end of their faithful companionship with your feet, but their purpose do not end there. After having contained your beautiful soles, they can be turned into plant container as well! Who knew? Here are a few ideas from Lush Home to spruce up those worn shoes and reuse them to grow your plants. They’re fun to look at too!

Pix 2



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(via lushome)