Viral Edits – Be Careful What You Wish For

With the rise of all the photo editor apps here and there, there are still a few things that these auto apps cannot do. Say, changing photo background or growing your hair from short to long, or having a duck in the pond- you get what I mean, right?

We ran across a few couple hilarious images on Facebook and thought it’s funny how people would ask these pros to do some minor and major edits for them and the results are just crazy. This Photoshop experts can make your day, trust me on this one!

And the next time you ask for something, be careful what you wish for or you might get trolled!

1) He wanted to be in Star Wars, so he became one of them


2) Be very, very, very clear

3) Them girl must’ve gone all black and blue


4) Sunbathing, anyone?

5) Look here, look here! Some long legged legs!