Walls of Expression: A Global Tour of Street Art Masterpieces

Admit it, when you travel or simply new to certain places, you tend to make sure that you get an Instagram or blog-worthy photos—great scenery and jaw-dropping artworks are usually used as backgrounds. With the use of any social media accounts as a platform to promote cities and new destinations, people are always in the lookout for new things to capture.

Here are some of the cities in the world that have great street arts that people fascinate and are often in their photos either as a subject or background for, yet another, post.

Angoulême, France

Located in the southwestern part of France, about 280 miles away from Paris, this town is not the usual top-of-the-list destination. However, this town is the home of the European School of Visual Arts, which offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in comic art, and an annual comics festival, and is also named as “Capital of the Comic Strip”.




London, England

One of the most influential cities in the world (according to Forbes), London is not only a place where the go-to photos are always with the red telephone booth or the Big Ben or the London Eye, this place also offers colourful, imaginative street arts.