Cheap Summer Fun

3. Movie Time.

Skip the theatre and make your own at home! If you have a large yard, find a perfect spot where you can set up your screen. A wide, white wall is very ideal, but if you do not have one, a white sheet of cloth will do just fine. A projector is also needed for this activity. Check your local video or events store as they might have units for rent.  Spread out sleeping bags, mats or giant cushions on the grass for your audiences. And don’t forget the popcorn!

4. Go Camping.

Give your little camping trip a twist and swap those traditional tents with tiny teepees. My Cakies provides us with step-by-step instructions on how to assemble these lovely tents with the use of wood and sheets you have at home. Buy marshmallows for roasting at night!

5. Hang Hula Hoop Hideouts.

These hideouts are perfect when the temperature rises and the kids cannot take the heat inside the house. Hopefully you have large trees at home as they are needed so these hideouts can be put in place. You will need curtains, hula hoops, sheets and ropes for this. The kids will surely have tons of fun playing, reading and even sleeping under the cool shade of the tree and somewhat away from everyone’s view. Checkout this blog by Alanna George for directions.

6. Monster Bean Bag Toss.

Children love throwing things around. So why not create a game that would help spend all those summer energy up to the last drop? All you need are cardboard boxes, some wooden panels to make the structure stand, cutting tools, colorful paints, markers and a dash of your artistry. Draw in large monsters onto the boards. Make sure to cut a huge hole in the middle to serve as the monster’s mouth for the kids to toss the bags into. Paint, let dry, and assemble to stand. For the bean bags, old pillow cases will do. Cut it to small pouches, fill in with beans and sew to seal all sides. Hand these to your tots and unleash their pitching potentials! Fun!