Pretty home-made candles in 5 easy steps

Why buy when you can save every penny from your used candles at home?

Well, if you have tons of candle leftovers, might as well use to create some beautifully crafted candles. This can be a perfect mommy-daughter bonding for all you know.

I’m sure you’ve seen  how easy it is on tv or from DIY demos, but we’ve laid out things for you in very easy steps that even your 8-year old daughter can follow. With your guidance, of course!

What are the things you will need?

  1. Old candle leftovers
  2. Wax Dye
  3. Some wicks
  4. Metal bowl
  5. Saucepan with water
  6. Shot glasses, mason jars or old tea cups
  7. Glue

Step 1
Break all candle leftovers into small pieces and put inside a metal bowl to where you can heat it.

Step 2
Start heating the candles by putting a metal bowl on top of a boiling water. Make sure to watch the metal bowl as the candles melt.

Step 3

Once you see that the has almost melted, you can opt to use a wax dye to normalize the color of the melted wax.

Source: WikiHow


Step 4
Cut your wicks in a length to fit the shot glasses you will use and glue them at the bottom center of your shot glasses so the wick stays put and pour the melted was to your shot glasses but be careful not to submerge the entire wick by clipping it in a hairpin and putting the hairpin horizontally on top of the shot glass.

Step 5
Wait until the wax has cooled down. When it’s all set, cut the end of the wick leaving enough centimeters sticking out. And there you go!