Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids

From pleading to bargaining on a daily basis, sometimes it becomes more of a battle for you to resolve this conflict. It becomes even more difficult as it your precious little one we’re talking about. Picky eating on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday and well, no eating on some other days. And you are just not sure about how to at least give them the nutrition most needed in their age.

Experts would say to always set a good example, eat healthy, show them you are loving every bit of healthy food and constantly verbalizing this during meals. But if all else doesn’t work, then it’s time to try out something fun.

Your creativity and playfulness can mean healthier eating for your kids. Here are some fun, ways to add more fruit and vegetables to your child’s diet!

Cartoon Pancakes

Kids are always a fan of pancakes, take advantage by adding in some fruits as  toppings instead of ice cream or whip cream.