8 DIY Recycled Planters

3. Tea sets

For those fond of teas, this is a brilliant piece for your garden. Wear and tear of your ceramics are inevitable. Chipped cups? Broken cover for teapots? If these are present in your kitchen and you do not have the heart to throw them because of the intricate details of their design, grab some seeds and soil! These can contain dwarf plants or even succulents. These planters remind me of Mrs. Pot and Chip from Beauty and the Beast, don’t you think?


4.   Dresser

Have you outgrown that old dresser drawer? Instead of having it listed on online selling pages, transform it into an outdoor planter! The drawers are just right to hold in enough soil for your small garden. Refurbish it by giving it a new color suited to your garden keep it as it is. This DIY from Huffington Post will give you the tips on how to keep your dresser in use!

(via huffingtonpost)