8 Bedroom Makeover Tips

8 Bedroom Makeover Tips

Are you bored with the same old wall paints and dull arrangements? Do you feel like your bedroom has become more of a storage room than a refreshing sanctuary after an all day’s work?  Then it is time to get up and start your bedroom makeover project. No one will do this for you unless you are willing to pay for an architect and a designer.

On a flip side, before you shell out tons of money try to consider if the designing and planning is something you can do and then maybe hire some pair of hands later materialize those ideas.

Here are some a few things to help you out jump start this project.

Step 1: Pick a design and layout

Think of how you want your room to look like and what design you’d love to go home to everyday. Zen, playful and colorful designs, black and whites? Design your layout. Would you like to add a study table or change your bed? Or do you want to do away with the TV rack and just put it up the wall?

These things should be the first step, before you start buying some decals and paint. You might spend more when  you interchange these steps.



Step 2: Clean the room

Get rid of all the junk. Vacuum, mop and wax the flooring if necessary. Empty the room with all the clutter. You might discover that you actually have more space than you think. Move all furnitures to the middle of the room. This is to avoid getting them all sprayed with paint if you decide to repaint.

Step 3: Know what to keep

Let’s go back to step number 1 – think of what you need. We may get tempted to keep all of the things we have but ended up not needing them. They will just be taking up space in your room. Keep the good pieces that can add as a good additions to your room, like the pretty lampshade you bought from your trip to Morocco. Lampshades never go out of style as long as you put them in the right location.

And for those that you decided not to use, store them away to where they can still be kept and won’t get broken or better so, donate to charity centers or hold a garage sale.

Step 4: Start with the walls

When  redecorating a space, always start with the walls – painting, decals, wallpapers. No matter what you use, this should be the first thing you have to deal with. Doing this last will mess up your furnitures with spray paints or glues.


Step 5: Arrange furniture

When the walls are done, set your furniture in the right places according to where you wanted them to be base on your design and layout. Add more pieces if you have enough funds. If not, make do with what you have and replace them later. Always check if you can still have it repaired, repainted or restructured. I’m talking about old dressers or old cabinets.

Step 6: Get luxurious covers

Do not neglect your bed. It’s not enough that it’s clean, it has to be comfortable. Go for best pillows you can get. Never take this for granted as this can give you a good night sleep day after day making you wake up with a great mood instead of a stiff neck.


Step 7: Choose the right curtains

Sun blockers or laces or maybe blinds. This is totally depending on its use. Are you a day person. then get those drapes. If you’re a night owl who sleeps through the day, go for the sun blocker. Other combine some blinds and lace drapes. Does the tricks.

Step 8: Lighting is everything

Finally, choosing the right lighting for your room can change the whole ambiance. Some prefers yellow lights and some the bright LED ones. This is totally depending on what you do in your room – if you’re room is your home office, then why use the yellow dimmer lights? That doesn’t sound appropriate. I would suggest getting both. A LED light on top of your study table and a dimmer lights near the bedside. That resolves the problem.