Walls of Expression: A Global Tour of Street Art Masterpieces

Prague, Czech Republic

Known for the castles, historic, and Romanesque architectures, Prague is also a place for music—from classical, rock, pop, and every genre, Prague has it. This city’s art scene is also one of a kind. From the street performers—dancers, singers, and actors—to their art pieces in museums and streets, the capital city of Czech Republic knows what real entertainment is.





Quintanar de la Orden, Spain

This city is not usually the one that comes into someone’s mind upon hearing the place Spain. But this city holds various art pieces that will not only make your trip memorable but will leave you hungry for more. Their street art are usually found in the tall buildings which will make your sight happy even from a far.





There so many places that will fill your eyes and soul with the artworks they offer, from the museums to their streets. Never miss a trip to a place without finding one and let your photos show how beautiful this world is and how talented the artists are.