Walls of Expression: A Global Tour of Street Art Masterpieces


Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, Africa’s oldest city, is wealthy in terms of culture and history. Just think of Nelson Mandela and everything he did for the community that made an impact into the global society. Apart from history and culture, Africa is also knows as one of the world’s top ten wine producing countries and Capetown’s most famous export is, of course, wine. But did you know that this city has some stunning street arts, too? Some are not just in street walls or buildings, some are in the walls of the houses. Even small houses have great artworks.






Some of the buildings here, non-historic ones, are works of art. Some of the pubs, restaurants, and hotels are already picture-worthy.

Santiago, Chile




Santiago, Chile never really crosses someone’s mind when it comes to art. Not every know that this city, the capital of Chile has a lot to offer in the art department. The street arts are captivating because of its vibrant yet dramatic approaches. Most of its street arts, however, scream “peek-a-boo” because you can find them in the middle of the array of buildings or at its back.