Mythical Creatures We Don’t Want To See

The Jikininki

The Jikininki is known as a corpse-eating spirits. They are originally known as mythical ghouls, demons, spirits of such that are famous within the beliefs of Japanese Buddhism, created from the spirits of individuals, male and female, who were once known to be selfish or greedy and are cursed to devour human flesh or food offerings for the dead. The Jikininki are mostly considered as a zombie like being, in the presence of a walking corpse covered in many different types of injuries such as blisters, scars, abrasions and infections, but with glowing eyes, lack of hair and sharp claws. The Jikininki are known to be the spirits of dead individuals who were unable to reach peace due to their greedy, selfish and disrespectful behavior during their time of living. They are cursed to scavenge and devour dead human flesh.