Mythical Creatures We Don’t Want To See

Koshchey The Deathless

Koschei The Deathless simply gallops naked through the wild Caucus mountains with his long spindly legs trailing in the dust. It is also known as Koshchey the Immortal. He is also a shape-shifter, who takes the form of a whirlwind or a storm wind. He is a nature spirit representing the destructive powers of nature. As a shape-changer, Kotschey usually takes the form of a whirlwind and makes off with his victims in this form. He may also come under cover of a mist or fog and can fly through the air. Koschey is called the deathless or immortal because his soul/spirit/life force or his “death” as he calls it, is hidden in a remote, inaccessible place, separate from his body. He is fond of stealing beautiful women, often the bride of the hero.