Mythical Creatures We Don’t Want To See

Mythical creatures will really spike a lot of people’s interest. The legendary stories about mythical creatures may either be true or not but for so many years, humanity has believed in all sorts of mythical creatures and supernatural phenomena. For those people who are disappointed that some mythical creatures are not real because if they were, they would surely case some bad chaos and that we don’t want to happen. Check out these uncanny mythical creatures we don’t want to see existing in our world today.  


The Leshy is the tutelary spirit of the woodlands in Slavic folklore. The Leshy is also a sportive spirit who enjoys playing tricks on people, though when angered he can be treacherous. He is seldom seen, but his voice can be heard in the forest laughing, whistling, or singing. Its physical appearance can be easily recognized, for though he often has the appearance of a man, his eyebrows, eyelashes, and right ear are missing, his head is somewhat pointed, and he lacks a hat and belt. He is as tall as a tree but the moment he steps beyond, he shrinks to the size of a grass.



Credits to VCB




The Oar-Gee-Kee is a water spirit that comes from a Gaelic language. They are very dangerous creatures in the Scottish mythology inhabiting locks and seas around the highlands and what makes them more interesting is that they can shapeshift into regular horses and man. If it is on water, the horse tend to bond with human and enticing them to ride on its back and when it is on land, it will make its way to the water and once the creature is wet, the rider will ride like glue and the creature will drown its victim and eating it all except the liver. As a man, the creature will be identified only by the seaweed and its hair and will do much the same as its horse form.