Ditch your Coffee for a Cup of Healthy Tea

Did you know that Tea comes in many different types?

Yes, they are not just green and tea bag type you very well know because those are the only ones available in shelves. If you are trying to switch to tea, to kick your caffeine addiction. Might as well know which ones would be best for you.

Tea and coffee contains the same amount of caffeine to give you that extra boost of energy in the morning, before going to gym or if you simply just want to get a mild-jolt in a tiring boring day. But, did you know that the energy that tea can bring actually lasts longer than that of coffee? While coffee can kick you in the but and keep you up, it also comes some energy drop known as a coffee crash. Tea, on the other hand, do not make you hit that caffeine wall.

There are different types of healthy tea including herbal, flavored ones and infusions. These 3 are the actual main ingredients one should know about.