Beyond Fear: Ranking the Most Frightening Animals on Earth (Number One Will Haunt Your Dreams!)

5. Freshwater Snails: 10,000 people per year

Freshwater snails are found in various habitats throughout the world.

They seemed harmless but they host a variety of human and animal parasites, including fluke.

They cause schistosomiasis in tropical and subtropical freshwater, which resulted to rashes, digestive problems, infertility and bladder cancer to humans.

Atleast 10,000 human fatalities are reported each year.



4. Tsetse Flies: 10,000 people per year


Tsetse flies are found in Africa. They live on the blood of vertebrate animals and are carrier of parasite, which cause human sleeping sickness.

Reports said that 70 million people in 20 countries are at risk. There is a treatment for the disease transmitted by tsetse flies, but those who were usually affected were living in rural areas and it’s hard for them to find a treatment.

A total of 10,000 fatalities are reported every year.