Beyond Fear: Ranking the Most Frightening Animals on Earth (Number One Will Haunt Your Dreams!)

6. Ascaris Roundworms: 2,500 people per year

Ascaris roundworms are the most common parasitic worm infection to humans.

The eggs of these parasites are deposited in feces and soil, which can then transfer to plants. Humans who consume these plants will be infected. Roundworm lives in the small intestine. Infestation can compromise one’s health, which could be fatal.

Around 2,500 human deaths are reported every year.



6. Scorpions: 3,250 people per year


Scorpions, a predatory arachnid, have venomous stinger which they use to kill or paralyze their prey.

The two kinds of scorpions that could kill a human being due to their venom are the Israeli deathstalker and the Brazilian yellow scorpion. People with low immune system are vulnerable by its sting.

Scorpions kill around 3,250 people annually.