20 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

These events are real. They happened, some are still happening. But no one can explain why. Here are 20 mysteries that even experts cannot figure out.

Bermuda Triangle

This legendary ocean can be found in between Puerto Rico, Bermuda and Miami. Claims of instruments going haywire and other technical problems occur when passing this area. There have been several ships which went missing. No one can explain why. Some concludes aliens while some says air bubbles.



Beneath Stonehenge

This is definitely an archaeological treasure which stood for 5,000 years. Stonehenge did not stand alone – this was revealed through the underground mapping technology. This discovery debunked the thought that Stonehenge was an isolated and standalone structure. While this fact threw some researchers for a loop another question is what is supporting this famous standing stones? Researchers said they still have a year to know the answer.