Your Lipstick Defines Who You Are

For most women, fashion changes all the time and not just in respect of clothing but also, makeup goes through cycle of fads as well. The perfect look really depends on the occasions; maybe a nude earth tone works best for your everyday makeup or a luscious matte hot pink lipstick for your sexy lips and a fun look.

Women wear lipstick because men are turned on by it they say but that’s ridiculous and it’s not to say that a woman who doesn’t wear lipstick isn’t a woman. Women wear lipstick for herself and not for anybody else. Makeup is an extension for one self. It’s bold, strong, a natural form of self-expression and it simply add that punch to whatever you’re saying.

Hence, a girl chooses her lipsticks very carefully and with her choice, emerges her personality traits.

1. RED

This shade obviously needs no description because the word itself stirs hot, sexy or passionate emotions. If you wear this shade, you are definitely outgoing, confident and you are not easily intimidated. You just go after what you want and whether it’s good or bad, you are passionate in your moods.  You are also not afraid to show the daring side of their nature and are also ready to conquer the world.



A bright pink shade represents a kind of universal love. It is sweet and very much girlie. Some would say that you are supposed to fall in love with this color when you are young because you are full of love and life then. It is also a quieter version of red that project to others feeling of tenderness, self-worth and acceptance yet a little innocence.