Breathing Underwater Is Now Conceivable with Aquaman Crystal

This is really brilliant news for those people who love to swim or basically anyone who wants to go and stay underwater. Scientists from University of Southern Denmark and the University of Sydney recently developed an amazing oxygen absorbing crystal that can let you breathe underwater like a fish. This absorbing crystal is called, Aquaman Crystal that is capable of pulling oxygen out of both air and water. The name is basically dubbed after the DC comic book character who can breathe underwater.



According to the study of Professor Christine McKenzie and Jonas Sundberg about the Aquaman Crystal showed that approximately 10 liters of microscopic crystal grains are needed to completely suck the oxygen out of the room.

The Aquaman Crystal is also very helpful and convenient to those people with lung problems. They do not need to carry large and heavy oxygen tank with them anymore as this material filters and concentrates oxygen from surrounding air and water.