Hollywood’s Million Dollar Body Parts

Hollywood’s Million Dollar Body Parts

Just recently, the 25-year-old pop icon, businesswoman and cat lover Taylor Swift reportedly insured her legs for $40 million. That’s right, $40 million to insure not her voice, but her legs. This remains unconfirmed up to now. Swift is just amongst the popular celebrities who were rumored or confirmed to have insured their body parts for security purposes – well, others for some weird reasons too!

Let us give you the Top 16 famous celebrities with Million $$$$$ Body Parts:

1. Rihanna

The 26-year old multi-awarded Barbados singer who won 8 American Music Awards, 8 Grammy’s , 2 BRIT Awards and 23 Billboard Music Awards thinks there’s something else more important than her voice!

In 2007, Rihanna insured her long-legged legs for $1 Million after bagging the Gillette Venus “Legs of a Goddess” award. And here’s more, Gillette has been rumored to have footed the bill for  it. When interviewed about this, she told People Magazine “My legs are my main focus. I’m obsessed!” Well, apparently so!

Early this year she was seen flaunting these flashy legs in a Laker’s game, cheering for her home team who lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers. She was also reported to have come with Leonardo di Caprio but the boy toy seemed to have gone amiss during the game. Probably, on some errands downtown.