Celebrities with and without make-up

Celebrities with and without make-up

Every girl dreams of having an impeccable skin, perfect lips, beautiful eyes and shiny tamed and fabulous hair. Blame it to social media, television and magazine that each teenage girl wants to have that modelesque figure and almost goddess physique. The ones that they see on the billboards downtown.

Well, guess what? No one’s perfect. One can never have it all.

Here’s some proof that the ones who see on the big screen are not all fab and gorgeous all the time. They have bad hair days too, just like you and me.

1. Lily Allen

This girl right here is just so rich she even bought a beach! Yes, a beach for herself. This actually happened years ago when she was drunk. She even said that it’s her best drunken buy ever. It did not also just end there, recently, she declared to a newspaper interview that she has a huge crush with Beyonce Knowles! This girl really knows how to surprise people.


2. Katie Holmes

If you are giving way too much attention on how fabulous others look while you are as normal as you can be, then you better listen to Katie. The 38-year old actress stated to a magazine interview that she does not worry too much of what other people think of her.



3. Olivia Wilde

This actress/mom/product endorser just went organic. The new endorser of a big clothing line supports and promotes environment friendly fashion pieces. From organic linen to recycled polyester, she’s so into that. She maintains her classy yet very sexy image while looking after her environment and you can definitely do the same too!


4. Katie Perry

For sure you all heard about the success of Superbowl 2015 and everyone knows Katie Perry.

Well, here’s something you might not know about her, she helped deliver a baby in the living room! Her older sister had a water birth on a friend’s living room and our proud auntie was so fascinated about the whole set up. Another fun info about this talented girl is that she believes that the aliens made the pyramids.

At a very early age, she also know what she want to do with her life, so she skipped all the dramas n high school, completed her GED at age 15 and never regretted not going to prom. If you’re a fan of Taylor swift and Miley Cyrus, then you’ll be very jealous of her for she has locks of their hair in her purse, lucky isn’t she?


5. Kristen Stewart

The Twilight Movie lead actress surprisingly got discovered at the age of 8. Let’s all admit it, she looks stunning on screen when she became a vampire, but don’t forget, when the director shouts “cut”, their makeup artist will surely run to them for some touch ups. If you badly want to be like her, then you might want to start learning how to sing because this lady does not just act, she also knows how to sing. She actually sang on some of her movies such as Into the wild and The Runaways.



6. Rihanna

The ever famous RIRI is has some story. With all those singing skills and hot bod, she was a tomboy growing up and a military cadet during her high school years. Well, look at her now, who would’ve thought that a tomboy would bloom as a beautiful young and talented lady? Don’t start mimicking Rihanna and wear all your Dad’s jeans, alright?!


7. Beyonce Knowles

Even some celebrity admire this diva so I won’t be surprise if you envy her so much, but she is not all perfect. She suffered depression for two years and has a stage persona named Sasha Fierce so she could get over her shyness on stage. Yes, even this diva has her fair share of stage fright.



8. Lady Gaga

We always go crazy over her videos and even though some of her songs sounds silly, she still looks totally different on TV. Beneath those crazy makeup and wigs, she sometimes feel insecure just like any other 24 year old girl, so to get herself into the mood, she give herself some pep talk.


9. Kim Kardashian

Well, aside from a grand lifestyle and a va-va-voooom behind, I’m not sure what else you’ll envy from her now seeing that she’s also having tired eyes and haggard look like anyone else.


10. Kate Moss

I’ll definitely understand if you girls are dying to be Kate Moss even just for a day. Who wouldn’t want to have their body immortalized in solid gold anyway?!  But step on your brakes first and see how very human she is despite those long legs, modelesque physique and a beautiful face. She also has those eye bags too.