20 Incredible Human Talents

It is a wonderful thing if you have rare talents that you can share or secretly keep to other people. There are talents that are underrated because they are not considered useful or seen often. However, talents don’t have to be widely recognized in order to be impressive. Here are 20 incredible talents you might enjoy.

Bajau Laut

They are also known as the “Sea Nomads”. They are the last true marine nomads. An ethnic group of Malay origin, they have lived out their lives almost entirely at sea. Traditionally, they fish using nets and lines and are expert free divers, going to improbable depths in search of pearls and sea cucumbers or to hunt with handmade spear guns.



Wei Mingtang

He can blow up a balloon using only his ears. About 30 years ago, he discovered his ears leaked air so he came up with this idea during parties.