20 Incredible Human Talents

Michel Lolito

He was a French entertainer famous for deliberately consuming indigestible objects. He came to be known as Monieur Mangetout. His performance involved the consumption of metal, glass, rubber and other materials. He disassembled, cut-up and consumed bicycles, shopping carts,televisions, a Cessna 150 and other items. He claimed he did not suffer any ill effects from consuming the materials even when the materials are usually considered poisonous.



Laurence Kim Peek

He was an American Savant known as a “megasavant”. He had an exceptional memory but he also experience some social difficulties possibly resulting from a developmental disability related to congenital brain disabilities. He was the insipiration for the character of Raymond Babbitt, in the movie Rain Man.Unlike Babbitt who had autism, Peek had FG Syndrome.


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