20 Exotic Dishes That Will Make You Drool or Think Twice

We all love food and some people love to go as far to say that they live to eat than eat to live. They go far for their desire to try something new. The world is indeed a weird place and most of us are too and yes! people eat exotic food. Trying exotic food are fun but how exotic is too exotic? Here are 20 exotic food from around the world and maybe you may want to set aside your food for a while if you’re reading this.


Snake Wine

This is a Vietnamese wine processed by fermenting a dead cobra or scorpion in a bottle filled with rice wine liquor or grain alcohol, the venom is deactivated by the alcohol.



Frog Legs

They say, frogs taste like chicken except sweeter. It is soft and tender, sweet and juicy. It is usually a bullfrog and is commonly eaten in the Southern United States.