15 Weird Coincidences That Actually Happened

Hoover Dam Project

During the Hoover Dam Project, 112 men died and the first was J.G Tierney on December 20, 1922. The last was on December 20, 1935, 13 years to the day, Patrick Tierney died and he was J.G Tierney’s son.




The Kings Double

This is one of those historical and classic coincidences that’s been around for a while. Back in 1900,King Umberto of Italy travelled to Monza and decided to have an evening meal in a smallish restaurant. The owner came out to take the King’s order personally and believe it or not, this shocked the king. The owner and the King were like identical twins, same facial looks and body built. They both had the same name, birth date and hometown.  Both their wives were called Margherita and both couples were married on the same day and had a son called Vittorio. Here’s more! The coincidences kept on coming. King Umberto was crowned the same day the restaurant was opened by Umberto the owner. On june 29,1900, Umberto the restaurant owner was killed in a shooting accident and the very same day an assassin aimed his gun and shot King Umberto through the heart. Therefore, they were both killed on the same day.