10 Things you’ll realize when you start living away from Home

1. You don’t want the washing machine to do all the work, your hard earned jacket will surely end up on the garbage can in no time:

Admit it, we hate doing the laundry. When you’re were living with your parents, you have your mom to do the job or you have your nanny to take care of those stuff for you. From doing the laundry to ironing your favorite dress or even getting everything all tidied up in your closet. Now that you are away from home, trying to be all independent, you dread the moment when you don’t have anything to wear. It’s time to do the laundry again (smirks).

Of course, you can just run to the nearest laundromat or handy dandy washer do all the work for you to save your time and effort. But guess what, a few months of doing just that, your branded jacket or little black dress will surely end up in the trash in no time. Not all clothes are designed to get out alive from the monster machine, some are so delicate that when you pull that $500 worth of dress out it looks like a rug with buttons are falling off. I know you all wish that this is not true because I wish the same thing a million times, but yeah, truth hurts!


2.  24 hours is not never enough to do everything:

When you start living on your own, you’ll realize that the time seems to tick so fast that sometimes you just can’t catch your breath anymore. You have to cook your own food, you travel to work, you clean the house, do your laundry, do your groceries, pay your bills and the list can go on and on and on. Some people love their job way too much that they even bring some of their work at home and end up exhausted the next day. Even your off work hours are not enough to rest for another week at work.