Who’s Got The Most Expensive Car?

Okay big guys, now sit back, buckle up and be ready for the baddest and most expensive car in the world. I bet you already have something in mind but wait until you found out who bought this amazing car. But before we announce who’s the owner of it, let us first take a glimpse of the MOST expensive car today..

Ladies and Gents, let us introduce to you the most expensive car this 2015, The sleek and classy, Lamborghini Veno Roadster. This monster has a starting price of $4.5 million, which means this can be more than $4.5 million depending on where you going to purchase this. If ever you have this amount of money and you fell in love with this one after reading this article, then you better hurry up because there will only be 9 Lamborghini Veno Roadster in the whole world.

This car is not just all looks, of course the price will surely give you the idea that this car can do more than any cars out there. Its engine is 750-hp, 6.5 liter and 12-cylinder. It has a lightweight body design and with the top speed is 221 mph.

So no wonder two guys bought this toy-for-big-boys even before they set eyes on it. Well, knowing what this thing can do, you’ll definitely be sold out but these guys haven’t even seen a picture or know the specs of this car! They surely have a serious faith with the brand. You ask who these two gentlemen are? They’re Antoine Dominic and Kris Signh.

Antoine is a former Ferrari customer and he now owns a Lamborghini Long Island. HE also used to own a Ferrari F40, Ferrari F50 and an Enzo. Now that he has the new Lamborghini Veneno, it is a new addition to his collection of luxury cars such as Maserati MC12 and a special Bentley ISR. Despite having different brand of cars in his space, he became a Lamborghini dealer and this made him one of the big shots.


Kris is a Managing Director of Tequesta Investments which is based in Florida. A car collector whose net worth is $200 million. This guy collects Lamborghini’s and is known as Lamborghiniks in instagram. This guy was represented by Ryan Dohogne, a general sales manager of STL Motorcars in Chesterfield.. Ryan has now set a record of the largest single automotive sale.

These two car enthusiast surely surprised me and for sure, you also after knowing that they paid $4.5 million for a car that they even haven’t seen or known the specs. They just followed their guts and put all their efforts on the things they want. Oh well, I might also have that red Lamborghini Veneno… pasted on my wall.