What Does Your Coffee Says About You

What’s better than waking up each day with a hot cup of coffee in your hand? Coffee is one of the most popular and well-loved morning beverages of the day.  Without it, we are certain that there is a good chance our bodies would shut down and refrain from functioning properly especially when you are having a tough day at work, there’s nothing like a good cup of coffee to pick your face up off that working table and get you through the last few hours.

Now a days, a lot of people have been addicted to coffee because not only it tastes good, it also has antioxidants that help improve your metabolism and reduce body fat and it is a great way to reduce stress.  And oh, adding just a couple cups of coffee to your day can make all the difference in your weight loss goals.


For someone who loves coffee, have we really thought what our coffee preferences say about ourselves? You might not label yourself with one of these titles but your coffee preference might tell the world that’s what you are.