This Sassy Little Diva Stole the Show at Her Dance Recital

We all know being on stage can sometimes be a little nerve-racking and you can’t even explain the tense you’re feeling while you’re up there doing your thing. Recitals are fun to watch especially when kids are performing their hearts out in front of a huge crowd.

Johanna Colon, 6 years old, from Raleigh, North Carolina immediately got everyone’s attention when she and her two partners performed a tap dance in their dance recital. The three girls where dancing to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”, but Johanna’s confidence and sassy moves made her the center of attraction. Just like Beyonce, this little diva showed more attitude than drag queens and made all the audience laugh their heads off.

Johanna’s mother, Elissa, shared that Johanna is a sweet little girl who really loves dancing and always full of energy. She also said that Johanna practiced her moves constantly weeks before the recital day.

I bet this little diva’s going to be famous in 10 years