Speed Up Your Career After Graduation

Eager to get your life started but do not know where to start?

We’ve seen people jumping from one employment to the other because they are either unhappy, looking for something of they simply feel like they do not belong. The logic can be plain and simple – they are unhappy because they do not like what they’re doing. People who are passionate about what they do is because they do not treat it as work – it simply means they love what they do. Let us now make the same mistake. Plan your career, plan your life.

Dropping resumes everywhere with job posts available is not a very good way to kick off your job hunting.

Think of what you want to be really do.

List down your top 3 dream jobs and the company you want to belong to. You need to do this because you want to envision yourself doing the things you would love to do. This step will let you set your priorities all the same.

Do you want to be a Marketing or PR head of a prestigious firm? A teacher? A law practitioner? The first step is always the most important. You are setting your goal so take your time.

Research for job openings on t
he companies you wanted to belong to

Check the classified ads, their online websites, call their HR office if you must. Remember, this is your life we’re talking about. So do not get anything in the way. If you must, go and inquire in their office ready with your resume and cover letter. You’ll never know, you might just be in luck to land a post immediately.

Now, 3 things can happen here. One, you will see openings that are related to the job you want to do; two is openings are totally not related at all and three, none available for now.

How to deal with each one?

Job related to what you want

Well, of course you grab that chance! Some people always look at how much the job offer and then goes and say “I will think about it.”

Eye on the goal, entry level posts do not always pay well, but it doesn’t mean you will be stuck with that rate for the rest of your time with the company. I suggest to always ask in a very professional manner if the rate will be adjusted as you stay longer or move up the ladder.

Negotiate, but know when to stop. They would not want to hire someone who appears arrogant and pushy.


Job NOT related to what you want

If the post is totally not related to what you completed in the university, then you would want to decide on 2 things here:

* Will you consider doing it if the company would allow you?

* Do you have the skillsets necessary to perform the job?

* Is it really important for you to belong in this company even if the post is something you do not want?

Now if you’ve answered, 2 out of 3 of those questions. Then, there’s no question at all.


No job posting on the company you want to belong

This is the time where you would need to start scouting for entry level positions with the roles you want to be.

Always  ask the question “Is this job going to help me get to where I want to be?”.  The gradual exposure to one job after the other should lead you to your ultimate dream job. Eyes on the goal at all times.

If the paycheck is not too attractive but the job can get you a next level up, then might as well dive in. If you can ask for a higher rate, then go ahead and speak up. Do not be ever scared to tell people what’s on your mind. After all, it’s not what you say sometimes. It’s really how you say it.