Nothing Compares to the Love of a Sister

Nothing Compares to the Love of a Sister

Everyone is worthy enough in this world to be loved no matter how different they are. Some are more worthy than others and there are those who have been damaged by life that make themselves unworthy by their bitterness and unwillingness to be open.  No one should feel that they don’t deserve to be loved. It’s just that love sometimes presents itself to different people at different phases to life.

Archie was born with Down syndrome and her mother couldn’t keep him and take care of him leaving Archie an orphan. Luckily, Archie was adopted from Bulgaria and by the look on his face he is one happy, jolly little kid.

Archie is now living happily with her new family and he has one adoptive little sister, Ace, who loves him so much and she is really happy and thankful that Archie is her brother. She doesn’t want anything to change about Archie. She just simply accepts him for who he is. How sweet is that? She doesn’t think Archie is different at all; in fact, they do a lot of things together. They love to go to the park, eat ice cream, swimming or just stay at home and play.

Watch how this little sister shows her love to Archie and her message to him is just heart-wrenching.  She simply knows what to say. So Adorable!

From my own point of view, everyone is the same and deserved to be loved.  Just like Archie who sometimes bothers her little sister, Ace, but you can hate what someone does and still love them. Love can and should be shared. Yes, not all are capable of doing that and if we don’t show love in return, we may eventually lose the gift of loving.