Google’s on-site office perks that will make you want to leave your current job

Who would not want to work in a company where you are not just pampered but spoiled with all the in-house amenities and perks? Well, I guess not everyone really wanted that but let’s see after they see the proof that they are all true!

If the employees are happy, they yield the best results as they are more motivated to go to work, they have high self esteem and just because they are happy where they want to be. Check out the 3 biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley and see what they have to offer.

1. Google

The numbers search engine is not any small shot company but offers it’s employees world class perks. From an on site gym and wall climbing area to free haircut and yeah, even laundry service!


Google welcomes you a cozy lobby and reception area that makes you want curious how is it like inside.