Animals nowadays are becoming fond of Photobombing

Animals nowadays are becoming fond of Photobombing

Since then there has been a really huge number of great photobombs whether it’s Jennifer Lawrence photobombing another A-lister on the red carpet ( Honestly, who doesn’t want to have a photo photobombed by J.Law?) or some including Adele, the handsome George Clooney and even the one and only Queen Elizabeth II but as great as it might be to have a celebrity or a Royal popping up in your picture, there’s nothing cuter when an animal does it.

Photobombing is an art form that requires a careful balance of ninja-like cautious and drunk-diva flamboyance.  Well, like most things in life, practice makes perfect.

Animal photobombs first appeared on the internet sometime after year 2008. From ruined wedding photos to animals photobombing  humans or other animals , this collection will surely make everyone LOL! Perfect for times when you’re feeling low, having a bad day or just craving for some cuteness.

The following pictures are the proof that animal species can master the art of photobombing. Here they are to show you how it’s done and prepare to be inspired:

1. The Famous Squirrel

How cute and classic can this picture get? Couple Melissa Brandts and her husband were surprised to find a squirrel posing with them in a photo taken during one holiday in Canada’s Banff Park in 2009.

2. Hey There Sloth

How photogenic and cute is this little sloth photobombing the holiday picture of a student volunteer group in Costa Rica?