25 Cutest Babies who look like old People

A baby is a blessing and sent from heaven above. Admit it, when you see a baby, something in you lets loose and you just can’t help it and you say “awww”.  You can’t even take your eyes off of them whether they’re sleeping, eating or playing with their squishy squeeze toys and no matter what they do, they are simply just adorable. Although there are babies who look a lot like old people, maybe it’s because of their wrinkles and baldness and the lack of teeth but these darlings with old people faces are surprisingly taking over the internet and it’s pretty awesome and cute.

1. I’m hungry but mommy won’t feed me. I think she’s mean.

2. I’m so happy to see you here, daddy!

(Via: twentytwowords)

3.  What is that thing you are putting on my hair, daddy?