20 Most Haunted Places in the Philippines

20 Most Haunted Places in the Philippines

Halloween is the most bewitching night of the year and guess what? It’s here again! It is such a great time to give yourself and your friends a fright. Even if we know something might not be real but hey, it’s always fun to explore when fright is in the air.

The Philippines is known for a lot of things, beautiful beaches, impressive natural wonders and several centuries worth of wars and other bloody events so it is not surprising that the country turned out to have a lot of  goosebump-inducng places.

Some people love the thrill of getting a scare and visit a lot of haunted places to go ghosts hunting. Are you one of them? Here are some dumbfounding haunted houses in the Philippines that will get you in the right mood for Halloween this year.

Bahay na Pula (Red House)

The Bahay na Pula, the Ilusorio Mansion, located in San Ildefonso, Bulacan is one of the houses taken by Japanese army. It was used as a garrison where Japanese soldiers reputedly massacred guerilla soldiers and rape the women of Bulacan. It is said that the massacre that took place in the house during the Japanese occupation has stimulated tales about restless souls seeking for justice and revenge.

Some of the noises heard from the house was chains dragging on the hardwood floor, balls and coins bouncing down the stairs. There were also stories about hidden treasure underneath the house but old folks said that it’s been guarded by snakes, so when someone tries to dig, they wouldn’t get anything but snakes.