20 Marriage Proposals That These Men Definitely Took To the Next Level

20 Marriage Proposals That These Men Definitely Took To the Next Level

For the ladies, there are only four words that can sweep them off their feet and bring tears to their eyes. “Will you marry me?” . Proposing a marriage to someone is a very special event in anyone’s lifetime. Who doesn’t get teary eyed or goose bumps whenever you see someone proposing to his girl in front of a huge crowd? I do. Or maybe we all do.  Picking the right spot for that special moment can really make or break the mood and if you think burying the ring in a yummy dessert is a good idea, better think again.

Survey says that most women would not want to be proposed to in a restaurant. Aside from it is already a very common place for proposal, it is really not worth the trip to the ER if your girl swallowed that expensive diamond ring. Not only is your partner asking one of the most important questions of your lives, of course, the location should be perfect.

On vacation or at the site of your first date are few of the spots girls said they’d prefer but these gentlemen took their marriage proposal to the next level.

1. This is definitely one of the beautiful marriage proposals I’ve ever seen.


2. I wonder what kind of paper he used. I want one too.


3. I think, this is really a very intimate marriage proposal.