Travel Dilemma: Remedies To Motion Sickness

Stop Car Sickness

A road trip may take up hours through rough terrains or long winding roads. This may bring unbearable headache to someone who is not used to traveling for an extended period of times. What’s more inconvenient is, at times, there are only a few stop overs for rest or none at all, especially when you are taking public transport. Be sure to follow these simple tips when taking a land trip.

1. Seat Location.

Finding a seat that has the minimum movement. If possible, sit in front or just behind the driver’s seat. Do not sit at the far back. Some transportation have seats that face the opposite of the way of one’s travel. Avoid this seat as well. If you can, try to sit beside a window. You can open it and let fresh air in whenever you feel queasy. Make sure you are comfortable on your seat and may be able to take quick naps just in case you do not feel very well.