Travel Dilemma: Remedies To Motion Sickness

Travel Dilemma: Remedies To Motion Sickness

The countdown begins. All the travel itineraries have been finalized. Airline tickets are booked. Hotel reservations are placed. Bags are packed and ready. You even have a planned OOTD for each day. There remains three more blank days until the X finally marks the spot on your calendar—Yay for vacay!

Let’s agree to this: traveling is FUN! But as much fun it brings, some people find it hard to go from point A to point B. No thanks to motion sickness. You never know when the culprits, such as nausea and migraine,  will strike. You may be in the airplane, flying at 30,000 feet or drifting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a cruise, motion sickness is such a party pooper. So before you go on that road trip, heed these advices to avoid ruining your vacation.

Combat Sea Sickness

Going on a cruise? Here are some tips to keep your balance while rocking the boat with your friends!

1.  Stare at the Horizon.

The sun deck is just perfect for getting that tan. The moment you step out, the wind brings a spray of the ocean. You close your eyes to take everything in. Ahhh, life is perfect. Or maybe not. You actually feel like you are losing your balance. If this happens, immediately look up and look at the horizon. This is the only thing that is motionless, helping you regain your body’s steadiness.