Top 10 Great Benefits of Cardio

Increases lifespan

For those aiming for the long term benefits of cardio, here’s a major reason why you should start getting your heart pumped up. Doing cardio has proven to increase an individual’s lifespan, because a healthy brain and a healthy heart is a surefire way to add more years to your life.

Even a short 30 minute walk daily can reduce your risk of premature death by a huge mark. The sooner you start, the more time you’re actually adding to your life!


Increases metabolism

Whenever you do cardio, the rate of all the processes occurring in your body increases. This is what we call our metabolism.

What this means is that the more intense your cardio sessions are, your metabolism serves as a reflection and goes up as well. In order to lose that muffin top and have better stamina, cardio is the way to go.