Mayweather BOOed during weigh in

Have you seen the news yet?

Las Vegas has witnessed a significant portion of Mayweather’s boxing career with his last 12 fights were staged here in Sin City. He has claimed the very city as his second home and even acquired a mansion.

Surprisingly, during the official weigh in for this most awaited fight of the century, Mayweather did not looked like the hometown fighter at all.

Mayweather is based in Las Vegas, but apparently Pacquiao got the darling of the crowd award during the weigh in. This is despite the fact that Mayweather brought tons of supporters, Manny seemed to have brought ten folds and flocked the MGM Grand Garden Arena and they have made their presence known as they booed Mayweather before he tipped the scale.

With a stern face, well his game face they say, Mayweather did not seem to mind all the jeers from the crowd. Rumor online said that he did blink once during the staredown while Manny seemed to be very excited and all smiles. He seemed to have enjoyed the cheers and uproar from his fans!

As for Mayweather, well, we’ve got nothing more to say.