Pacquiao Just Acquired JLO’s Mansion

Rumors have been floating around about Manny Pacquiao eyeing to buy a mansion located in Beverly Hills previously owned by Jennifer Lopez and her ex-boyfriend, rapper and record producer, P-Diddy.

Now, after weeks of speculation, it has been confirmed that Pacquaio has bought the mansion, with the down payment already being made, officially making Manny and his family the new owners of the $12.495 million house.

The 10,000-sq. ft home is gated and set in a secured community in Beverly Hills, an exclusive location for the rich and the famous to settle down.

Manny Pacquiao himself admitted that he is buying the mansion because he likes its overall design and security that the house offers. Though partial payment has already been made, negotiations are still taking place between Manny and the broker regarding the final amount.