Grizzler the World’s First Famous Phodographer/Dogographer

Dogs are messy and they hog the bed but these little fellas are family and they look up to us. They surely melt our hearts in some profound way and make us smile in everything they do whether they did something good or bad. Their company makes us happy and at the same time healthy.

As a fur baby mommy myself, I like to take pictures of my beloved dogs, whether they’re playing or sleeping and especially when we are out for a walk in the park. I just love seeing my dogs happy and it excites me every time I see them exploring their surroundings, meeting people and other fur friends as well but have we ever thought about what excites them too?

Nikon introduces Grizzler, the first famous border collie phodographer, and this amazing device that helps turn his emotions into photographs. How cool is that? This project is called “ Heartography” where they use a heart-rate strap, a 3D-printed mounting gear and an old school camera to snap photos whenever Grizzler gets excited. The shutter button operates from Grizzler’s heart rate and it should be around 120 Beats Per Minute (BPM) that indicates a very high emotional state like for example, fear, excitement or intense joy.


Let’s go check out Grizzler’s world!

Looks like Grizzler wants some ice cream too!