Fun Kiddie Parties on a Budget

4.       Food choices.

The food that you will serve will greatly depend on the time that your party will start. Kids are usually picky eaters, be sure to give them food that would interest them. Make 2 different menus with kid-friendly dishes or snacks and let your child choose. Try to make everything healthy as we do not want to feed our kids with complete junk. If you plan on feeding them vegetables, make a cute bento box for them. There are a lot of tutorials online for this. Or you can also opt to just have a simple dessert table, especially for princess tea parties. Don’t forget to match your utensils according to your theme. It is easier to buy ready to eat food at your local grocery or deli, however this may be a bit pricey. If you are not scrimping time, then cooking and preparing the meals at home is best. Saves you a lot of cash too since you will be buying ingredients in bulk.



5.       Fun Activities and Games!

While the guests arrive, have them sit and do activities while they wait for the party to start. Print coloring and activity pages for them to use. You may also buy colorful clays for them to play with. You may also do a movie marathon while waiting. This is perfect for parties with super heroes or Disney princesses as theme. Look for games which use items that can be found in your house or those which you can buy in sets. For group games, you can do a lime relay with the use of limes and plastic spoon. Or an egg catching game. Just tweak the game to match your motif.

6.       Party Favors.

Kids love candies, that’s for sure! The cheapest and easiest way to prepare party favors is to head on to your local grocery and buy packs of mini chocolates, lollipops, gummies, and individually packed cookies! You might want to skip bubblegum especially if your guests are below 5 years old. Throw in some cool toys which you can get at a dollar store. Be mindful that the toys are not choking hazards. We do not want the tiny tots to end up eating tiny toy parts! Once you have this, purchase a pack of tiny plastic bags with cute prints or small colorful metal buckets to contain the goodies. Cut up confetti from old magazines or newspaper to decorate.