Cute Inexpensive Ideas as Wedding Favors

3. DIY Soaps

Most guests would rather not carry a favor home unless it provides them sort of instant use or long term value. I must admit, I once find soap pointless as a wedding favor but I stand corrected! These little favors do not only look very pretty, they smell good too. Guests would certainly appreciate it because it is something you can definitely use after the wedding.  It will also remind your guests of the wedding every time they use it.

4. Travel Tag Favor

Travel tags are a wonderful and practical favor. Perfect for a destination wedding. It is something everyone can use, but don’t necessarily buy for themselves. In the future when your guests travel the world, they will remember back to your wedding day.

5.Personalized Fans

Fans are the perfect wedding favor if your big day happens during the heat of the summer. Hand out paper fans as your guests arrive and they can stay cool  during the ceremony and reception, while also having something to take home.