Cinnamon, the Dog Who Always Had Her Smile on Despite Having an Illness

Cinnamon, an 11 year old Shiba is named the world’s happiest dog because of her massive ear-to-ear grin. Whether she is lying on a bed covered in a tower of pillows or visiting the vet, Cinnamon Despite suffering glaucoma and Cushing’s disease, nothing in this world seems to make Cinnamon unhappy, well, apart from being left alone by her parents.

Glaucoma is a very common disease not only in humans but also very common to dogs too. Glaucoma in dogs refers to a group of diseases that affect the optic nerve and if left untreated it will lead to blindness, while Cushing’s disease in dogs is a condition which the adrenal glands overproduce certain hormones and it usually strikes older dogs with symptoms that can mimic other diseases.