Best Summer Destinations In The World

For most people, the urge to travel usually strikes whenever summer time comes rolling in. The ideal summer destination varies for everyone since we all have our own perspectives of a perfect getaway. Some prefer to go to beaches or go island hopping, while others prefer to visit different places and countries around the world. Whatever our preferences may be, one thing for sure is that our summer destinations will serve as our little hideaway, even for just a short period of time. A place where we can, even for a little while, unwind and forget the problems that life has brought so far.

If you’re having trouble picking out the perfect summer destination getaway, hopefully this list of top summer destinations around the world will help you out so you can go ahead and get packing for your own summer trip vacation.

1. Maldives

There’s a lot of tropical summer getaways around the world, and sometimes, travelers often overlook the Maldives. With its pristine white sand and clear crystalline waters, the Maldives can most likely be the perfect definition of paradise itself. The islands are remote and secluded, remaining almost impossible pure in a world that struggles to preserve itself against the progress of mankind. The beauty of the Maldives islands will make you feel as if you’re in some kind of fantasy world or trapped in a postcard. With that being said, it should be well noted that not all of the wonders and attractions of the Maldives can be found on the surface, as the aqua blue waters are home to a wide variety of vibrant sea life just waiting for you to discover. The Maldives will truly offer you a summer vacation that you will definitely remember for the rest of your days, as it holds the most exotic, breathtaking sceneries you can hope to experience.


2. Bali

Bali’s a relatively small island in the middle of Indonesia, however people keep coming back again and again to this secluded area of paradise. With gorgeous beaches and breathtaking views, Bali is truly a top summer getaway for most of the vacationers who have been to this wonderful island. Whether you prefer spending the day at Bali’s beaches or have a spa day all for yourself, Bali offers a lot of activities that you can enjoy and add to your treasure trove of epic experiences. Experience what it’s like to go back in time by visiting one of Bali’s oldest villages, the village of Tenganan, where the people have up to now, maintained the rituals and lifestyle that was started by their ancestors years ago. Phenomenal sunsets, delicious international cuisine, a rich and unique culture, it’s no wonder millions of people keep coming back year after year to spend their summers in Bali.